// Moonlander One turns brands into stories //

Our lives revolve around stories. Digital and social media has enabled everyone to become storytellers, sharing short tales about everything; from the places we visit, food we eat, special events, to tweets about our families, and the brands we support.

Your organization has similar narratives associated with it. Your branding tells one story, while your employees might have very different ideas about the company. External stakeholders who make use of an organization’s products or services frequently share their own experiences on social media which also might not align with the organization’s intended corporate image. Sometimes these stories are positive… sometimes they can shake your brand to its core.

At Moonlander One we study the stories of your brand and we ask three simple, yet crucial questions:

What story do you want your organization to tell?
What story does your organization tell?
How do we align these two narratives?
How do we align these stories?

We evaluate and improve your communication with stakeholders.
We assist you in creating products and services your stakeholders need.
We identify and solve your organisational problems.
Why is it important to align these stories?

Every positive or negative experience can have a significant influence on the stakeholder perceptions of an organization. If employees mostly associate their employer with negative narratives they become less loyal and will seek employment elsewhere.

If your intended target market frequently has bad experiences with your organisation, then your organization might stagnate, or worse, close its doors. By influencing these stories in ethical ways we can help you reach your organization’s goals.

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